Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hockey & Cowboy Elixir

Last week, I decided to rally the toops sitting around doing pretty much nothing and clean out the garage.  My crew was not very excited about the project but they were working pretty hard ... we pulled everything out onto the driveway and lawn, then swept and organized.  We made a pile for goodwill and loaded it into the back of the car, then slowly put everything else back in order.  It was a HOT and sweaty job!  We were just finishing up when a UPS truck pulled up and delivered the MUCH anticipated STREET HOCKEY set my husband ordered for the boys.  With the Stanley Cup playoffs going on, my boys love of hockey has been renewed...I tell you these boys are crazy for sports, any sport:)  

 All of sudden these red faced, tired boys perked right up.  I swear they almost hugged the UPS guy they were so happy!  It didn't seem to matter in the least that they were all so worn out and overheated from  a couple hours spent working on the garage. With in minutes, the boxes were torn open and they set to work putting up the net, finding knee pads for the goalie and starting up a very serious game on the hot asphalt!

 It really was a joy to watch, and in that moment I was SO HAPPY to be a Mother of boys! Their enthusiasm and excitement to play right then and there in the sweltering heat was so endearing--it kind of melted my heart!  I love rough and tumble boys...even hot and sweaty ones!   I really do:)

The next morning I came out of my room around 7:30am and found these two back at it in the garage while their big brothers slept!

 Pretty soon Coleman had joined them for a little before breakfast scrimmage:)

Life with boys is pretty sweet!

Old Cowboy Energizing Elixir
Watching my boys so red faced and hot I thought of this old recipe I had heard of that cowboys and farmers used years ago to replenish their energy during long summer days spent working and sweating out doors.
Mix 1-2 tsp of  Apple Cider Vinegar ( I used Braggs Organic)  with a glass of icy cold water.
So I dared my boys to try it and see if it works.  Some of them guzzled it down quick and swore it helped, but no one has asked for it again since:) ha ha .
Did you know there are HUGE health benefits of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar?
This article here was very interesting...this is powerful stuff, huh?!

PS has anyone used those epoxy kits on their garage floors...mine is so stained, it needs it bad!!  
I am thinking about doing it myself.  Any tips??


mama baker said...

Hi Melanie! Your family might really enjoy/prefer the old-fashioned vinegar based beverage known as 'shrub'. Here's a recipe to get you interested! It's an Apple-Berry Shrub from Bon Appetit (I prefer using something other than white sugar for a healthier sweetener..honey, erythritol, etc.):

Paige Barnett said...

Brock would love to play hockey with all of them! Are you coming for Magrath Days?

Melanie Anne said...

Mama Baker,
Yes I think that recipe looks much better:) Thanks for the link!

Melanie Anne said...

No we can't be there for that weekend...but I am going to UT around the 4th of July and I think I am going to make the trek to Magrath then to see Grandma and Grandpa...I miss them so much and I want my boys to see them too!

Brittany said...

what a fun boys!! I love how they are always up for a fun game of sports together... that is great seeing them all playing together! And what cuties get up early to start playing again. :) I have never heard of the cowboy elixir thing but I do know of apple cider vinegar and how it's good for you. Looking forward to reading that article though...

Mindy said...

I love those pictures of the boys playing hockey. Jack would LOVE that. I find myself wishing yet again we lived close to you. But really, I just need to plan a trip to see you!

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