Friday, September 13, 2013

Yeah for the Weekend

 This week has raced by, partly because baseball season started around here and we have 3 games every Tuesday and Thursday--then throw in Family night on Monday, church activities on Wednesday, one temple trip to Atlanta and Friday night Football game and you have a week that just zips by FAST!

I am loving baseball for my 3 little boys.  They are so excited to be playing that they can hardly stand it, making my heart want to burst with happiness:)  It is so fun to spend our evenings together as a family at the ball feilds:)  It makes me smile that my older boys hurry to get their homework done so they can go.  They bring their mits and Brad throws balls with them during the down times  and we all chat and cheer on our boys, while snacking on popcorn or snow cones.:)  I know my boys are growing up fast so I savor these days full of things like little league baseball ---so sweet!
Plus, all 3 boys had some great hits this week --yeah hoo!!

I have to say that I have had guilt all week about the promising to post my Menu and then never getting to it.
Please forgive me:(
I promise to no longer make promises about posting my menu--but honestly I hope to get next weeks menu up this weekend--with Links to the recipes!  (I had lots of requests for that)

Last but not least--I am going to do this challenge starting on Monday and I can not wait!
I did it a couple of years ago and it was awesome!!
Does anyone want to join me?!
Please do!!  If you sign up let me know:)
sign up here
Have a wonderful weekend!
Need a little inspiration...try this.
I listened to it again this week on my ipod and loved it!


Brittany said...

Oh mel that just warmed my heart hearing about you all at the baseball games. I love it! It sounds just perfect. Your family is so close-knit and supportive of eachother. YOu and brad sure are great parents for those boys!! :) Love the pic of Cannon without his front tooth, ha!

Melanie Anne said...

Thanks Britt:) xo

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