Friday, September 6, 2013

Random Happy Stuff

I am so excited for Fall!  I have already swapped out my front porch pot with some autumn blooms and I have added some pumpkin to next weeks menu--will post that Monday--promise:)  Sorry I have been a slacker with posting lately!

 Cannon damaged his front tooth and had to get it pulled.  I felt so bad that he would be missing a front tooth for a year or more--but he was thrilled!  And now I have changed my mind!  I love that toothless look:) 

I have been reading some good books lately.  I always post my reviews here at Goodreads.  Are you on there?  If so, lets be friends!  I  love to hear about really good books, and to know which I should not wast my time on, you know?!

Fresh salsa and guacamole for my new favorite dinner--Burrito Bowls. Gluten free and oh so good.  It is not really a recipe, but I think I will post about them next week on Sisters Cafe.  YUM!!

 I love watching my boys play catch out in front of our house.  Luckily we live on a cul-de-sac .  Connor is such a sweet big brother--willing to play as soon as he pulls up from work--before even changing:) 

 Coleman is now proudly wearing contacts.  I will miss his cute glasses--but he is so excited that I can't help but be excited too!

 I had jury duty this last two weeks, but happily I was not chosen for this horrible trial involving children that would have been heart wrenching for me.  Just listening to the questions for jury selection was hard. Thankfully  we had nice long lunch breaks, and I got some wonderful Thai food just down the road from the courthouse.  YUM!

I love that my boys are so excited about our High School Football team.  Those are some super fans right there!  TJ was part of a big group of other crazy freshman who were all decked out for the first game, but he sat with us for a few minutes before it started:) This is going to be a great season!

Last but not least --I am so happy that I still have a little guy around.  Someone who wants to wear the Ninja mask they were handing out at our latest birthday party (Bridger felt he was too old for that:), dances in the kitchen and will still let me take pictures of him...although he wasn't too happy when he noticed I was recording his awesome moves --see below:)  This boy cracks me up!

Hope you have a happy weekend!! 


Linda Carrion said...

I love happy random stuff - string it all together and it makes for one great life!

Melanie Anne said...

Thanks Linda:) xoxo

Brittany said...

this was so fun to look at! And I loved how it ended with Cannons awesome dancing then his indignant "Mom!" LOL that was so funny and cute!! MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PixieGirl said...

I just love you! You always make living so enjoyable. Your boys are the cutest!!

Melanie Anne said...

Heather--the feeling is mutual!! xo

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