Friday, August 30, 2013

Enchanted Forest

 A couple of weeks ago we spent our day at Fall Creek Falls again (remember last time) with our dear friends, the Fallons, and it was INCREDIBLE!

I think this is one of my favorite places here in Tennessee!  
It truly is enchanting!

The hiking and the swimming holes are fantastic!

 Climbing the rocks behind this amazing waterfall!
Awesome!  I think my boys were in heaven!

This drop off here, is a little frightening!  Don't worry we were very careful!! 
 It was such a gentle flow, but look at the drop!!

YIkes!  Connor---he and I were taking a few pictures, and honestly at the time we were not in danger but that is not how the pictures look!  It  scares me every time I look at these!  I think we will skip this spot next is not good for my heart:)

This was a favorite spot!  Much safer to play on:)

Brad rescued a football that was stuck in the falls:)  What a Dad!

Cannon ventured out with me onto the rock slide and even smiled for a picture, but in the end refused to do this:

or this:

Maybe next year!
I know we will be back for sure!!
Come visit us and we will take you here!
Yes, this post is an official plug or should I say plea to get more visitors in our neck of the woods:)
Come on, y'all will love it here--promise!

Have a great weekend!


Brittany said...

WOW!!! Oh My Gosh that is so incredibly beautiful! And knowing how pictures just don't do scenery like that justice, I imagine that place is utterly breathtaking. Oh boy I really really really want to join you guys there one day! This is first on our list of things to do next time we come out! :) All the picture of the family were so fun to look at!! THey are so brave - wow! :) I almost didn't recognize you with your hair so light, sis! It is really cute though - more a golden brown. Pretty! I love that you blog so much - it's so fun to be able to keep up with what you all are up to. Love you!!

Mindy said...

Wow is right! That looks right up my alley. I"ll bet your boys absolutely loved it. I know mine would. That DOES make me want to visit too. I love that picture of all the boys by the waterfalls.

Aren said...

I love your blog! I was in the Hixson ward and now I live in Murfreesboro Tn. Your blog is very inspiring. You are a great mommy and wife. I miss Chattanooga but luckily we are close enough to still visit. We are going to go Fall Creek Falls soon. Did you see any snakes? That is my only fear! :)

Melanie Anne said...

Hi Aren,
Good to hear from you:) I love Chattanooga too--but I have heard good things about Murfeesboro too! Have fun at Fall Creek Falls and NO we did not see any snakes at all--thank heavens!! Yikes!!

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