Thursday, October 10, 2013

Daily Bread

 I LOVE the Fall, don't you?
I am really enjoying watching my 3 little boys play baseball --little league is the best!

 I also like to squeeze in a little reading between games! I am dreaming of fall parties!

Last weekend we watched the annual LDS General Conference.
It was so inspiring!
If you missed it or want to be inspired yourself you can go here to listen or watch the talks!
Seriously, they are awesome!  When I listen to these talks I can feel God's love and get answers to questions I have.  Listen with a prayerful heart and I know you will too.
I download these talks and make them into a playlist for me and my 3 boys with ipods/iphones.
I recommend listening to one or more everyday.
Along with reading the scriptures, and prayer, these talks are like "daily bread" for our souls. 

1 comment:

Brittany said...

Oh MEl what a great idea to make a playlist of the talks for yourself and your boys. I've get a more tech savvy and do the same thing! I wish I could come to some baseball games too - so fun!!

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