Thursday, October 3, 2013

What the World Needs Now..

is more darling  6 year old experts on the body.
Simple yet thorough,
making it easy for us all to understand.
Yes,that means he will talk the ear off of anyone who will listen:)

He is our "go to guy" on anything related to the human body, and let me tell you...
this boy knows his stuff!!
He is so excited about every system and how it all works.

He told me that he is not sure if he should be 
a Doctor when he grows up or work at McDonalds,
 because "both sound so fun"!! 
 Decisions, decisions!

Good thing he has some time to think about it!
What a fantastic school teacher he has, huh?! 
 Thank you Mrs Ivey!!

Man we love this boy--he brings so much joy to our home:)

Remember Coleman's body?  So funny!!


Dan and Roni said...

Hi Mel, I've been thinking about you and the whole gluten free thing and when you said the gluten free donuts weren't that good but that was the tradition, I thought of you. You should totally try these, they are awesome and the whole book is gluten free! They really taste like good donuts! Let me know what you think if you ever try them!! Roni

Melanie Anne said...

Thank you so much!!! You are so kind to take the time to tell me about this cookbook and even provide the link!! What a sweetheart! I feel like I have the best blogging friends ever:)

Brittany said...

that made me laugh out loud... doctor or flip burgers and McD's!! Haha what a cutie!! It does look like his teacher is wonderful. Poor Gabe just complains about math every day... his teacher must love math! :) I miss your boys so much - I must say I'm a little jealous that mom is there right now! I wish we could have come...

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