Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome October

It is looking spooky around here!
(directions for making this easy Boo banner here)

My boys were so exited to see these little touches when they got home from school on October 1st.
It's true, I wasted NO time getting it all out:)
Really I am just a big kid, I'm afraid.  That little skeleton was one of our first Halloween decorations.  Brad bought it for me as a surprise and I was so excited! I remember thinking it was so nice.  Every year when I get it out again--I am always surprised by how small it is.  I remember thinking it was so grand!  Sometimes it really is the small and simple things that mean the most:)

We of course kicked of the month with our annual little family movie night (The Headless Horseman--remember that old cartoon movie with Icabob Crane--it is a classic!)  I love doing this with my boys  We have so much fun laughing at the silly school teacher, who is ALWAYS eating--LOL!
This year I added a Halloween trail mix to our usual Donuts.
I did get gluten free donuts for my Celiac boys, but they aren't that good--thus the other treats:)

In other news...
Guess who got a Rainbow Loom this last week...

 He is a bracelet making machine now.  Bridger is so proud of his work.  He is very generous with his creations too--we are all sporting bright new bracelets now!
Yesterday he presented me with an Orange and Black one. I am such a lucky girl!

Well, I am off to clean out my garage.
I know it is called Spring Cleaning, but for some strange reason I do it in the Fall.
I have been on a rampage cleaning our closets, under beads, and now the garage!
It feels so good to get organized!
Happy happy October!


Heather said...

I do it in fall too and I figured out why! My kids are in school and the summer trashes the house.=)

Brittany said...

Oh I love all the celebrations and family traditions you guys have! Where did you get the headless horseman movie... I really want to get that for my family! Bridger looks so cute and proud with all those awesome bracelets... tell him we want some! :) Your house looks so festive and wonderful - wish Icould come see it. Miss you sis. xo

Dee said...

That is the cutest little witch I've ever seen -- she looks really classy too!

Melanie Anne said...

Heather--You have hit it on the head!! Now that you mention it--THAT IS EXACTLY why I feel the need to clean and organize in the fall:) LOL

Melanie Anne said...

I had to hunt it down a couple of years ago. I remember that you could order it on line but I wanted it that day--so I made some phone calls and ended up driving to the mall to buy it at some DVD store:) Good luck! xoxo

Melanie Anne said...

Thank you;) I found her at Home Goods!

Linda Carrion said...

Happy October! Our family also does a little celebration on October 1st. Autumn and October should be celebrated with gusto! We also have a special dinner, pumpkin/pecan praline pie and watch The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Last year we watched the cartoon version narrated by Bing Crosby and this year we watched a movie version that is also very entertaining. If anyone is still looking for them, you can actually find them on You Tube. We purchased our DVD on Amazon. Thanks for sharing all of the fun at your house and I am with you on the organizing. I actually do it in both the Spring and Fall. After a long winter, it's nice to freshen everything up and after a busy summer it's good to tidy up and snuggle in for a few months. Organizing is hobby LOL. Thanks Melanie!

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