Monday, September 23, 2013

A series of Unfortunate Events

This week we had some strangely familiar troubles and heartbreaks come our way..
 Starting off with Connor breaking his thumb on the growth plate, in the same spot as he did 5 years ago.  Remember his season ending football injury here.  We see a hand specialist this week and are hoping it won't affect his upcoming wrestling season!

Next up, the most anticipated football games of the season. 

 First our high school team played our BIGGEST rival on Friday night.  Our school is only 4 years old and we have never beat this team.  This year we went into the game, undefeated and projected to win. The boys were so excited--our whole family was decked out in school colors and some of us even went a little crazy with hair color and markers (they got into the Halloween stuff--silly boys).  It was a nail biter, down to the line but in the end... we LOST by 2 points!
  Heart breaker!!

 At least the cheerleaders were darling!

 Then bright and early Coleman was preparing for the BIG BYU vs Utah game.  He was all decked out about 12 hours before the game started!
He even decorated the house:)
Don't you love the hashtag--everytime I see that it makes me laugh!
I love this boy--11 going on 16-:)

The game didn't start until 10:30pm our time, so it was  LONG wait!  It is hard to be a BYU fan living on the East coast.  I have tried to get them to pick a SEC team to cheer for, but they can't --they are true blue loyal Cougar fans.  
Brad and I went to a movie Saturday evening and I think Coleman called us 13 times with updates on he preparations for the big game.  He was so excited!

He had prepared bowls of candy , popcorn, drinks, blankets and pillows for the family in our upstairs media room.  Poor little Cannon was out minutes after kickoff.
I worked on getting photo albums caught up.  (I will post about that soon)

This game was another HUGE disappointment.
The cougars broke their hearts,  losing for the 4th year in a row to the University of Utah!
Such sad sad boys, again!
It felt like deja vu 
Not worth staying up until 2am for!!!
I have to say we still had a lot of fun together all weekend--through all the "blows" LOL
Lucky for me these boys realize that IT IS JUST a game, getting over it pretty quick,
and they still fiercely love their Cougars:) 
We are hoping for a better days ahead!


Brittany said...

oh man, one thing after another!! I just love how passionate you guys get about your sports. Seroiusly it's wonderful to see how your family unites for their teams! :) I'm sorry it wasn't a more victorious run however.... next time! ;) I'm gonna have to call and see how Connor is doing.....

Melanie Anne said...

Oh Britt-I sure miss you !! Yes call me soon! xoxoxo

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