Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thank You Notes


  I love to share great little quotes with my boys and one of my favorites from James E Faust is:

"A grateful heart is a beginning for greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being." 

 I want my boys to have all the blessing of a grateful heart and so I am doing my best to instill in them the habit of being thankful.  Not only an attitude of thankfulness but putting the sentiments into action with pen and paper.  We have talked about how much we LOVE to get a little note in the mail, to hold something in your hands and knowing the time and effort it took is endearing and makes you feel loved.   It is thoughtful and kind and who doesn't want those attributes for their children?
So my boys know that in our family thank you notes are a must, no if and or buts.  I remind them often and make sure it happens! 
I do try to make it fun though.  After Christmas we had a little thank you note writing "party".  I had a few different thank you notes to choose from (some that were not "too girly").  And I rounded up some little treats, just to sweeten the deal--yum!
I am trying to do these little "parties" every couple of weeks.  There are always people to thank.   Just like most things, I know I have to be consistent or it won't stick!  
What do you do to get your children to write thank you notes?  I would love to hear your ideas! 


Twisted Chicken said...

When I was YW Pres I tried to always have a Thank You card each week for all the YW to sign. During opening exercises we would discuss who to give the card to. Sometimes it was a speaker from Sacrament meeting. Sometimes it was the organist or chorister. Sometimes it was one of the Bishopric. Whenever there was a special musical number we made sure to write a card for that person or group. The YW decided who they wanted to thank that week. I hoped it would help them look around and notice how many people it takes to keep a ward functioning and see many of the big and most often little things ward members do. I think we accomplished that because I rarely had to offer suggestions. They almost always had someone in mind. I loved watching them discuss who and why and how truly grateful they were.

At home I try to make Thank You notes a part of our Fast Sunday activities each month.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I loved Twisted Chicken (crazy name-but cute and made me smile !) and her comments. what a wonderful idea for YW, and youth or even a small adult class. This past Christmas my theme was "A grateful heart" and the goal to do kind acts for others throughout the year. This would fit. My grown kids and their families meet together with us for 3 or 4 activities a year. I will check with them all and see how they are doing on 'project kindness'....thank you's are included ! Thank YOU for your great recipes and ideas. Denise

Melanie Anne said...

Twisted Chicken,
I LOVE your idea with the YW. I am currently YW president and may just copy your fantastic idea. Thank you so much for sharing!! xo

Melanie Anne said...

I love that you have that wonderful family theme!! You are a very inspired Momma!

Holly said...

this makes me smile! your mothering is such an inspiration to me! love your blog and the sisters café too!!

Jan S said...

I love how you are always teaching your boys to be thoughtful and appreciative. You are a fabulous mom!

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