Thursday, January 30, 2014

Life in the South...

It's hard to believe that on Sunday it was beautiful and sunny, but it was!
After church Cannon was determined to learn to ride his bike without training wheels.
Which he mastered in a matter of minutes.  I had a twinge of guilt, realizing he could have done this months ago, if I would have worked with him sooner.  He has asked us to take those training wheels off for ages!
Then Bridger wanted to showcase some of his bike riding skills too:
On Monday it was freezing cold, but that didn't stop Connor and his friends from playing 9 holes after school.  This came up on his Instagram feed:
"Don't go for a ball out on the ice or you'll be golfing in high waters like me. #highwaters #PGAtour
Brrr---Crazy boy!
On Tuesday morning I was cleaning my room and opened the blinds to let in some sunshine and was shocked to see softly falling snow!
This was a huge surprise!  No one was expecting snow.  I knew it would just be a matter of time before the school called !  Soon enough, I was off to get the boys...

We LOVE snow days!
All the boys were excited, but this was a first for Cannon (that he could remember) and he was thrilled!
They wasted no time getting out and playing in the snow, fearing it would be gone all too soon!
We made hot cocoa, baked cookies, played games and cuddled up in warm blankets to watch movies. 
 It was such a wonderful day!!
And the following 2 days school has been cancelled due to COLD temps and lots of ice.  No new snow, but the couple inches we got has stuck around!
TJ "snowboarding" down his friend's driveway:
While the boys have LOVED every minute of this inclement really has caused lots of problems here in the deep south, where snow is rare.
  Brad was trying to get home from the Atlanta airport yesterday and what should have been a 2 hour drive home turned into a 13 hour nightmare!
The interstate was as a standstill and some people were forced to spend the night in their cars!  He said the National Guard was out to help!
The roads were completely iced over and cars were sliding off the road everywhere.  Lots of accidents!  He spent hours tying to call and find a hotel, but they were all FULL. 
He was put on waiting lists and finally got a call that there was an available room about half way home. I was glad he could get out of the mess, poor guy!!
He said he had a good night sleep, and he went straight to work this morning. 
I am telling you this white stuff, literally shuts down the South!
Today I woke up to this:
 Which makes me wonder if we will have yet another snow day tomorrow!
**Ha I just the call --School cancelled again tomorrow. This boys are running around cheering through the house:)
At least it is projected to be much warmer this weekend!
Life in the South!


Deb said...

yay snow days!! the best!
can I just ask - what's with the weird horse cutout across the street?

Melanie Anne said...

That is Rusty our neighborhood "horse" I know I have no idea why the developer thought to put that there but we kinda like him now:) He is a family joke since my hubby told the boys that we had a horse named Rusty across the street (the metal he is made from is rust colored) The boys were not impressed when they came to see the house we picked out for them and that the horse across the street didn't move! lol They still laugh about that!

Brittany said...

When it snows it is a BIG deal for yall! ;) Those pics were so cute of all the boys - Cannon's red little face was so cute! Connor is nuts golfing in the winter barefoot - loved that pic too! And tell TJ he looks like a natural on a snowboard...when is he going to hit the slopes with us? Poor Brad - I can't imagine how awful that drive was. yikes! Love you all!!

Jan S said...

Hey, I have a garage full of skiis . . . I was hoping you would all come out to enjoy the "best snow on earth"! Now that you are getting a pool, you probably won't be thinking about skiing for awhile. Maybe next year? Loved the videos of the kids showing their stuff. And we had a good laugh at Connor golfing in the cold. YIKES!

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