Saturday, February 15, 2014

February Days

Our yearly heart attack took place of course
One of my favorite family traditions.
More on that here.

Another beautiful snow storm hit the South with 8 inches of snow.
The boys LOVED it while it lasted.
It pretty much melted within a day...

 but it got us almost a week of snow days!  Even Brad worked from home one day!


All these days off school gave us lots of time to enjoy Olympics and bake cookies!

and bake cookies again!!  These ones are gluten free and fantastic!!
Recipe here

It was fun, but now we are out of snow days, so hopefully all that white stuff will stay North:)
How is your winter days going?


Linda said...

it's always so fun to check in and see what's going on with your sweet family, even though we have yet to actually meet! Here in Chicago we have had the winter that will not end (as have most places!). My family loves the snow but even we are ready for spring. Every time it snows I am awestruck by how beautiful everything is after a fresh snowfall. We have used our winter to do some major home organizing (6 boxes of papers and books sent to be scanned onto one flat little CD_, home improvements (like re-wiring our 90 year old house - not glamorous but necessary)and lots of dinner parties with friends. Happy February!

Brittany said...

what a fun February you guys had! You had a lot more snow than we did here in Utah ironically. Tell the boys I loved their snowman. Connor is so tall, it kills me every time I see apicture of him. ERic and I really want to come for a visit this year... I'm anxious to see you and your family - it's been too long!

Jan S said...

I forget to check your blog now that you put so much on Instagram.
Loved the snowman picture. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW TALL CONNOR IS! WOW! Soon TJ will be getting a big growth spurt, too. (As I remember Brad got tall when he was about 15, right?) Such a good looking family. I miss you.

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