Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where to Begin.....

Spring has sprung in the house, at least!

I am not even sure how to catch up...but I want to try!  I have missed you! Blogging is such a fun little outlet for me but sometimes life gets so very busy that it seems to get pushed to the back burner!  I am going to recommit though!

Winter was busy this year.  I had boys playing on basketball teams where practices and games were seriously 30 minutes away! UGH---but even though I had my doubts in the beginning,  it ended up being worth it!   It was so fun to watch them play!  Both TJ and Coleman's teams were really good! 

TJ going in for a sweet lay up:)

That's Coleman on the right end--with his crazy basketball shoes he paid for himself with money he as earned all winter--shoveling walks, walking dogs and doing other odd jobs in the neighborhood. (That boys is a little entrepreneur)
I had 2 very handsome little dates for the Mother and Son Luau Dance at the elementary school recently!  What a treat!  We enjoyed yummy food and danced the night away:)

I sure adore these crazy boys of mine.  They fill my life up to the brim in every way, but I love it with my all my heart.  I remind myself that it won't always be so crazy --one day they will be grown up and gone and I will miss these exhausting days!
Here is some of the things I will post on soon:
*Still need to share the way we organize and keep family pictures
*My get in shape plan for my BIG 4O!!!!!
*I was asked to teach a class at a Women's Conference at our church about "What We Learn from Noble and Extraordinary Women from the Past and our Day"  I mostly used women from the scriptures--Old Testament.   I learned so much!  I want to share some with you:)
*Some favorite lists and Menus
*What I have learned during my first year of trying my hand at Gluten Free Baking
*A couple of little bedroom makeovers
And I want to thank you my sweet blogging friends for the emails checking in....that means a lot to be missed! 


Susan said...

Yeah! You are back and all is well! I know what you mean about busy boys! Our 3 are all playing baseball - so busy but she AWESOME!!! Look forward to all of your upcoming posts!!!! Susan

Brittany said...

awesome lay up TJ! It was fun to see him in action! And sweet shoes, COleman. Wow that kid is has style! Those 2 "little" guys are so cute as usual. Sounds like life has been very full for you lately sis. Your list of things you want to blog about sound so good - I can't wait!! Oh you also need to blog aobut the backyard makeover. :) Before and after pics would be fun!!

Brittany said...

Uh I meant Bridger and Cannon when I said the "little guys" - didnt' want TJ and COle to think I was talking about them LOL!! Although Bridge and Cannon prob don't like that title either... sorry! :)I remember distinctly NOT appreciating being lumped in as one of the "little" girls with Mindy and ERin. And now here I am, tormenting my poor nephews in the same way. you would think I would learn!

Linda said...

Welcome back! Yes I agree that a backyard makeover blog would be fabulous! it is just the thing I need to get me in the swing of spring and outdoor projects after a loooong winter's nap up here in Chicago!

Jan S said...

I loved the pics of the BIG little boys! Such great smiles - they must have loved the luau date with their beautiful mom! You are right about them growing up before you know it. I have so many happy memories of you as a little girl (and cherish every one). Now you have 16 your old of your own!

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