Monday, May 5, 2014

PROM 2014

Connor and Savannah ready for the big night!
All the parents met at a pretty spot to take pictures and the kids were very good sports:)

I have to say--it was so fun to see my sweet boy all dressed up and being such a gentleman!
What a handsome couple!

Savannah is a very nice girl--just as beautiful inside as out!  I was so impressed with her dress!  I am told it is very hard to find appropriate dresses these days.  Her choice was stunning--and perfectly modest! I know her Mom added the sleeves and they look great!
The whole group

Connor and one of his best friends, Ethan--with a very cute photo bomber:)
They all had a great time! 
I am going to have to dig out my old prom pictures...Brad and I dated in High School and went to 3 proms together between out 2 High Schools.  I am sure the boys would bet a kick out of those old pictures:)
I am still in shock that my baby boy is so is now so TALL, handsome and old enough to go to prom!!  What?!!  When did this happen:)


PixieGirl said...

Wow, he is strikingly handsome and has great taste too, she is a doll! Isn't it a blast to watch them date:)

Brittany said...

oh wow - they all looked so wonderful! I can't believe how tall and handsome Connor has gotten.

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