Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Stuff

Happy Friday!
Now that puts a smile on my face--how about you?
I am looking forward to pizza and movie night at home with my boys tonight! 
Some other random happy stuff:
I found my beloved Milton's healthy Bread again.  Have you tried it?  It is so good! It went missing from my Costco for awhile but I located  it somewhere else--phew!
This makes the world's BEST toast, seriously!  Add some Justins Maple Almond butter and some sliced fresh pear and you have one fabulous breakfast:)

Yesterday I went to the Atlanta temple with a couple friends and it was awesome!  I LOVE being in the temple.  There is such a peace and strength that fills me there!
Cheering on my boys playing the sports they love makes me so happy.
Bridger got to pitch!  He was so excited!! 

 For such a little guy--he has a powerful throw! I was impressed!
And this guy---makes me happy to just to see that  cute little smile!
Coleman's first year playing tackle football--he is so happy that I finally agreed to let him play and it is contagious!  I have to admit that it is really hard for me to have my-not-so -big children play this rough sport.  ACK!  And now Bridger is begging to play too!
The weather has been amazing here in Chattanooga and the trees--ahh I love them!!

Panera Bread has an Autumn Squash soup on the menu--sooo yummy!!

 I found this cute piece of furniture at Costco that was perfect for my dining area--and it was very inexpensive!  Woo hoo!!

 Have you ever played Corn Hole?  It is pretty big here in the South especially for tailgating or backyard cookouts.  I came into the kitchen one day to find Brad playing a live version of corn hole with his boys being the target for candycorn instead of bean bags!  So funny!

 What is making you happy right now?
Thinking of happy stuff always puts me in a good mood!
I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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