Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Day our Cougars Visited Tennessee


When we heard that BYU would play Middle Tennessee this year we told the boys that we would go to that game and looked forward to it all year!
 It was such a thrill to cheer on our team in real life again!
I got up early on Saturday and made lots of yummy food for tailgating with some friends before hand
I brought Ham and Cheese Sliders, 7 Layer Dip and Texas Sheet Cake--but my favorite was what my friend Nora brought--Guatemalan Hot Dogs.  They were incredible!  I will be posting the recipe soon!
Rise and Shout the Cougars are out:)

It was pretty cold--but so worth it especially when
 our Cougars WON!! 
Connor says this cheerleader "really wanted a picture with him and he was totally OK with it."
What a guy! 
I need to download all of the boys pictures--they got pictures with so many players!
Let me tell you, the BYU football players are incredibly NICE!
Coleman got a selfie with the quarterback Christian Stewart and he gave him his towel.  Exciting:)

 Cannon getting the Rise Tshirt he got signed--
it was so big on him it reached his shoes!

 Jamaal Williams--

The boys were in HEAVEN!!
Although in the last 2 pictures Cannon was a bit sad because someone referred to his big HUGE  Rise Y Tshirt as a dress.  He was seriously humiliated for a few minutes! Poor little guy!
All in all it was an INCREDIBLE day!
WE love our Cougars!

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