Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Camelback Mountain

For months I have been looking forward to introducing my boys to one of my Arizona favorites--hiking Camelback Mountain! 
As a child growing up we would hike this on Thanksgiving and in High School I would hike it on Saturdays with my dog Molly as exercise, and when Brad and I were engaged I talked him into hiking it with me one night.  I will have to look for some of the old pictures I have up here to show the boys.  I LOVE this place.

It was SO FUN to hike this special mountain with my boys!
We called it Forced Family Fun:) 

The boys had a blast taking crazy shots with their new Go Pro camera Santa brought!

Cannon and Bridger were like the energizer bunny all the way up--leading the way!
But on the way down they were exhausted and HUNGRY!
It was hilarious the change --what was fun was fun no longer!
OOPs I should have packed food.

It really was a lot harder than I remember.  These boys were scaling rocks and working hard!


 We finally made it to the TOP--woo hoo!! 
 We were delighted to find a cute little Christmas tree up there!

The view of the valley from up there is AWESOME!
It was day I will never forget!
On the way home I introduced them to another Arizona favorite--cookies from Paradise Bakery and everyone was happy again!


Brittany said...

HOW FUN!!! I totally remember Camelback mountain. What great pictures and views, wow. The boys all look they had a great time, forced or not! ;)

Jan S said...

I get these blog posts via email and have been responding there . . . hmm... I see that my responses are floating off out into cyberspace never-land. Remember our Camelback Mountain hiking days, every Thanksgiving day with the Neilsens? I was usually home making the big Thanksgiving dinner but loved it when I went. It looks like the boys lhad a great day!

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