Friday, December 5, 2014

Skittles is Back

 Our elf is back and ready to have a "hole" lot of fun!  Haha.  I tell you we have way too much fun with this little guy!  This year he came with a cool idea.  He told the boys to try and do a good deed everyday and write it down and put it in the Christmas tin he brought.  Then he can report to the North Pole, all the ways the Christensen boys have spread holiday cheer this month:)  I think Santa is really going to like this :)
Man I am going to miss Skittles and all his antics when we have no little people in the house anymore.  I know that time is coming quickly--boo hoo!!
Hope you have a very happy weekend!
What are you up to?
We are making Christmas caramels, white chocolate pretzels and watching Family Man!
I love watching this movie every Christmas season--it is the best!!

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