Thursday, December 4, 2014

Beautiful Paper Snowflakes Tutorial

Last night I made these fancy snowflakes with my cute young women at our church youth group night.  We had so much fun singing along to Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" and crafting away.  I sure love these girls!
I put this picture on Instagram and had some requests to show how we did it.
They are SUPER easy--and fun to make and I think you all should know how to do it SO I had my boys help me take some pictures last night for a little tutorial:)  I hope this makes sense!
First you need 6 pieces of square paper, scissors, gluestick and a ruler (or anything with a straight edge really).  Fold each one separately corner to corner and then again to look like this:
Next draw lines starting on the open side, not the folded side.  They are about 3/4 inches wide and don't draw all the way to the end (stop about 3/4 inch to the end)  Like this:

obviously you won't want writing on your pretty snowflake--I was just doing that to show you:)
Next cut along your lines:
When you unfold the paper it will look like this:
Now take the two smallest triangles in the center and glue their tips together like this:
You may have to hold it for 30 seconds or so but then FLIP it over.  So you are working on the backside now.  Take the tips of the next triangle and glue those together like this:
Now continue flipping over and connecting tips, alternating front and back until all the triangles are glued:
 Until it looks like this:
Now repeat that process for the other 5.  Then glue them all together by one end like this:
This was so fun to do and they look so cool!
It may be just a little too big for the Christmas tree--but I bet smaller ones would look awesome!
Maybe with read paper or cardstock?  glitter?  The possibilities are endless.
I don't have girls, but I am thinking this would be pretty fun for a Frozen party as a craft or just to decorate!
My boys and I have plans to make more!  We have no snow here so we are going to make our own!
I will tell you that plain paper is a little floppy--which is fine if you are taping it to a window

I think we will make some our of cardstock to hang! 
Let it Snow!!

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