Wednesday, January 28, 2015

To Run

Last year I joined a little tiny gym close to my house and it was great for awhile, but I need a change and more importantly a challenge.  As I thought about this new year and what I want to accomplish, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to do something hard, really push myself and feel that sense of accomplishment.
I decided that I want to RUN a half marathon.  It makes me nervous to type this but I need to be accountable! I also had the idea pop into my head that maybe this is something my boys and I can do together.  Running is hard--for me it is a mental exercise more than a physical one.  I remember the first time I ran a 5K and the sense of accomplishment I felt and I want them to experience that too!  I started to research races in my area and found lots of options.  I wish they weren't so expensive, but I am thinking that instead of paying for a gym pass I can pay for some races--especially if I can convince some of my sons to run with me! It would be worth every penny!
I found these pictures here on and was inspired to make this happen:)
Of course this is not always possible like early this morning when the only time I could squeeze in a run, it was too dark and cold to be out! Even still,  I am craving being outdoors with the wind in my hair!
So this is what I am planning:
I have found a 5k the end of February, a 10k in March, a 15k in April and I have my eye on a Half Marathon in July!  I haven't registered yet because I want to make sure we can work our summer plans around it BUT I have this idea growing in my mind and heart and it is getting me very excited.  So excited that I ran on my boring old treadmill this morning for 2 miles without walking.  Pretty huge for me!  I am really not a "runner"  My idea of running the last couple of years has been running/ walking like interval training--not really all that hard most of the time:) This morning was the first time I have run a couple of miles without walking and it felt GREAT! 
Do you run?  If so do you listen to something?  Any music or book recommendations?
I would LOVE any advice you have!

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Heather said...

Used to run 5 miles in college often. That was 13 years ago, phew! But I was inspired by a sunny day to get out on Sat and ran 2 miles with a walking lap in between. It was pretty great. I don't listen to music but that would be good. I try to think but I about die sometimes, so I count steps. I count to 100, then guess how long it will take me to get to the next. It's kind of a competition with myself. Each time I go, I had a half mile on or more. I have been doing high interval training for a year or so now, but it's good to switch up. And I kept thinking we would be having a baby sometime soon but not yet. My goal was to train for a half last year but things just got in the way. Anywya, way too much info! If you want to, you will. I think it's so cool that you are going with your boys. I saw Mel at Mel's Kitchen Café is doing a half as well this year. Great minds!

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