Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter in the South

 This winter has been very mild so far here in Tennessee. In makes me crazy that most days, my boys come to breakfast in shorts that they have dug out of the carefully packed away drawer of summer clothes:)  I am sure people wonder what kind of Mother they have but sometimes I don't want the battle and think 'love and logic-ly' ( have you read that parenting book? It's a good one!) about it and hope they will be so cold they will go back to wearing pants! With such a mild winter though the natural consequences aren't really having an impact!
Last Sunday was one of those lovely days that you should be outside and we were feeling a bit antsy after church so we all went for a walk on the "greenbelt" a beautiful walking path not far from home.

We of course got stuck playing at this particular spot on the trail for a LONG time. The boys never seem to tire of skipping rocks and watching twigs get carried away in the currents.

My older boys didn't want to photographed, but I was a little sneaky on this shot:)

 Brad is in Niagra Falls on a business trip so the boys wanted me to text him a picture of our mighty falls and see how it compared to the falls outside his hotel!

Moments like this melt my heart...

We have REALLY been enjoying this winter. 

We even had a "snow day" last week where the kids didn't have to go to school due to the worry of icy roads.  It ended up being the best day of the week--blue skies and sunshine! 
They spent it...

sledding, in shorts no less!
Only in the South!!
Gotta love this crazy place:)

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Jan S said...

I subscribe to your posts and I can't comment from the email, but I love reading your posts. Thanks. While I am not ready for marathons or even 3K, you have inspired me to get back to exercising. Loved the great pics, especially of your boys.

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