Saturday, December 15, 2007


My boys were so thrilled last week when we had our first real snow fall! I snapped this fun picture of them with their big snowman! They were so proud. A few hours later they were up in arms declaring that someone had knocked him over! No one was out..but the snow was a heavy, wet kind and I am afraid their big snowman just slipped apart! They built another one--a little more stocky that has lasted all week. Thank heavens!

Here is our sweet little Cannon who was staying warm inside with me! He is sitting in his "bumbo"--a funny little molded seat that keeps him upright. It was a baby gift--it is very fun!


Erin said...

I love their snowman! They are so cute! Frosty does look a bit unstable... :)
I've heard Bumbos are totally cool. That's neat that you have one! Cannon is adorable. I'm glad to see an up-close picture of him. What a cutie.

Mindy said...

That snowman is awesome. I love playing in the snow. Wish I was there. :)

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