Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy New Year--Out with the OLD in with the NEW!

We said goodbye to Bridger's OLD baby curls! I thought they were so cute that I swore I would never cut them...but they only looked like this right after his bath. Give him 10 minutes, rolling around being a boy--and it looked like he had no Mother who took care of him. It was a stringy goofy mess, so sadly I gave him a big boy cut. Boohoo! He was such a bald baby--it took him this long to even need a hair cut!

Here is Bridger's NEW haircut! He got to watch his favorite show Cars--and eat a sucker for being so nice during his haircut. Luckily he has watched his older brothers get haircuts from Mom, so it wasn't traumatic. Connor's first haircut was a nightmare!! He screamed in terror the whole time!

Another NEW event--we no longer have a guest room. (Although he has promised to move out whenever guests come!) Connor moved into his NEW room, and Coleman moved downstairs with TJ. Connor wanted a BYU/Jazz room (of course), so we changed all the pretty floral guest room linens to navy and denim strips. (I was a little sad to lose the only feminine room in the house, darn it!) This is a picture of TJ and Coleman visiting Connor for nightly reading time. TJ is missing Connor and wanted to read with him and of course wherever TJ goes Coleman does too.

Another NEW event--Cannon tried baby food for the first time! He seems to like his rice cereal so far! We are thinking if he likes that tasteless stuff--he is going to be blown away by bananas!

And a NEW experience for Coleman--SKIING! Brad has been taking Connor and TJ skiing with their new christmas skis, and Coleman has really wanted to go. So, Brad took just him one day. He loved it!! Especially the one-on-one time with Dad!


Erin said...

Wow, I love all the pictures!!!
First of all, Connor looks so old and grown up, and has a room all to himself. Wow. I absolutely loved the picture of the three boys reading in bed together. I just love them so much! They have the sweetest, most lovable personalities.
Bridger looks great with his new haircut - did you use scissors?? You are more talented at cutting your boys' hair than I am at cutting Benny's. But you have more experience I guess. :)
Cannon is such a cutie. And Coleman looks great donning his ski gear!

Mom said...

Melanie, You are an amazing woman and a great barber! Bridger's haircut looks great. I think Con will enjoy having his own room. You'll have to decorate your workroom in pinks so that you aren't totally surrounded by blue, BYU and JAZZ! ha-ha! Colie looks pretty "COOL" there. You may have a ski bum in the making!
Give them a hug for me. Love, Mom

Laura said...

I rememeber the day I tore down the only feminine guest room decorations we had too! Now even our guest room is decorated in fishing & log cabins!!! Whatever- there are candles in the bathtub & I'm sticking to my guns on that one! Your family is so adorable! Bridger looks very handsome :)

Mindy said...

Do you still have the candles and bath salts by your bath tub, Mel? I agree with Laura... stick to your guns somewhere! Haha :) I love the pic of the boys reading in the bed, too. Your boys ARE getting so big! It's a little sad, but fun. We feel so lucky to live so close to you. Love you!

The Christensens :) said...

Hey Aunt Mel! Wanted to let you know... (and amyone else reading this) that i am having a PINK PANTHER DAY!! if you go to my blog, ( ) then you can see what my schedual is for today!

Thx and Love ya!


Britt said...

What cute pictures! Lots of new stuff going on at your house. Cannon sure looked adorable eating his cereal...he and Bridger both look like such big boys!

Britt said...

What cute pictures! Lots of new stuff going on at your house. Cannon sure looked adorable eating his cereal...he and Bridger both look like such big boys!

Amy said...

Bridger got his 1st hair cut! Not as curly, but still a babe! It looks like Christmas was so fun at your house this year. And you even have enough kids to have your own live nativity! Love you.

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