Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Review

A Couple of Highlights:

* TJ played an AWESOME game of soccer. They won 10-1!

TJ contributed several goals! He has AMAZING footwork!

*Then we were off to the BYU game in LaVell Edwards Stadium! So COOL to be there, I usually stay home with the little boys. BYU WHALLOPED UCLA --59-0!!! WOW!!

*We finshed the evening off with a gorgeous wedding dinner for some dear friends. It was BEAUTIFUL, romantic and fun as we sat with a table of GREAT friends enjoying GREAT conversation.

*Sunday Cannon was fevering so I stayed home from church with him and read this talk. It is very INSPIRING. I feel so blessed to be a Mother and Wife. I love it!


momma4 said...

I love that talk too! Looks like you had a fun weekend! Minus the sick little one, of course!

Brittany said...

SO fun Mel - I'm looking forward to reading that talk again. I love being a MOm and wife too. Life sure is good! Cute pics of the boys too -what a fun(busy) weekend! Hope Cannon gets feeling better soon...

Erin said...

Hey Mel, I love those pictures of the boys' games. And how fun that you got to enjoy the BYU game first hand. We were thoroughly enjoying it with a bunch of friends here in Michigan. What a great game!
I hope Cannon gets feeling better. What a sweetie.
Love you!

Amy said...

TJ is such a driven boy, I can't wait to come to one of his soccer games! And I love the post below! That picture of Bridger and Coleman is priceless and the poem is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Love you Mel.

Anonymous said...

TJ is such a good little athlete. I loved seeing those pics. It looks like your family had a fun day at the game. YOu are a doll, Melanie. XOXO Mom

Mindy said...

Wow... beautiful table and flower arrangement at the wedding. And go TJ! I love going to your boys games.

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