Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome February!

Lounging around on one of several days of canelled school due to skiffs of snow...a little silly to me, but the boys are LOVIN life!

I am happy to say good bye to January and my life as a (practically) single Momma! And I am happy to have one of my favorite holidays just around the corner!

I really love Valentines Day. Actually I love all Holdays to be exact:), but I especially love this one! I have a long list of things I want to do before the big day!

Valentines To Do list:

Send some pretty Valentines to my family and friends far away. I am loving these and this one too!

Make, decorate and share some heart shaped sugar cookies with the boys

Make a heart shadow box for Brad, inspired by this one.

Make another love banner like the one above hanging on my mantel for someone special. Directions here.

Help the boys with their Valentines for school

Create a pillow cover for my family room that I have pictured in my mind--with a heart on the front made of buttons. Doesn't that sound cute? To have this little vision of mine come to reality I will be required to actually do some sewing...scarey for me!

Make a batch of white chocolate pink M&M popcorn for my visiting teaching sistas

I need to get going and find or make the perfect Valentines for my darling little boys and especially my LOVE

Hmmmm what else...I {heart} this time of year!


Laura said...

How beautiful! I should try some of these projects. Love the picture of your boys- darling!!!

Erika Erkkila said...

This may sound strange but do you know the color name or number of the paint you have on you fireplace focal wall. I have had this color in my mind and have not come across a paint sample that meets my mind's eye. Thanks you-Erika Erkkila

Mindy said...

Wow! You are going to be busy, sis. Hope everything works out perfectly! And I love that picture of all your boys reading. It makes me wish I could snuggle up and read with them, too.

Anonymous said...

I loved the pic of the boys lounging about on their "snow-day off". Having been in that front room it is so easier getting the "feel" for the occassion!!
Love you guys.


Erin said...

Oh, I love all these Valentines ideas! We made cut out cookies today with crushed candies in the middle hearts that look like glass. That was fun. I love all your ideas!
and that pic of the boys lounging is adorable!

Marnie said...

What a great list. You are so adorable! Will you please post your recipe for the white chocolate M&M popcorn? Thanks!

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