Monday, March 1, 2010

How I have Changed...

TJ, Joseph W., Connor, Jacob W.
I came across this picture from over the holidays and had to laugh.
It is of TJ and Connor, preparing for an all out air- soft war with a couple of buddies. There was a big group of boys gathering in some wooded area by our house.
I was even providing treats after.
How had it come to this?
I had such big ideas when I started out raising boys.

As a new Mom, I had decided that I was not going to have my boys play with guns. I wasn't going to provide such violent toys like that--no way not me!
This little idea of mine, was the cause of much teasing provided lovingly by my family--many of whom are proud members of the NRA!
You can only imagine the emails I got constantly from my Dad and brother trying to win me over to gun totting! I have had to work really hard to get them to understand that I do believe in the right to bear arms, I just don't want to myself.
But honestly, my ban of guns didn't last long. Pretty soon my boys were using a stick, a spoon, or just their fingers to point and make shooting noises.
Are boys just born with this desire to shoot??
I am pretty sure it is somehow encoded in their DNA. I gave up when they would receive 'super soakers' for their spring Birthdays every year. All the water gun wars with neighborhood boys shrieking with laughter, looked so fun! I almost wanted to join in!
So here I am 10 years later...with a house full of boys and guns! Yikes!
Does anyone miss Menu Mondays?
Sorry--I have still been planning my weekly menus but not posting them.
Should I continue?


Brittany said...

I enjoy getting healthy menu ideas from your posts! Thanks!

Melanie said...

Oh, Melanie, I'm so glad that my boys aren't the only ones that make guns out of everything and love to shoot. You are such a good mom!

kaleyq said...

I think you're right...trucks and guns. It's just a part of them! Such handsome boys you have! Can't wait to see you all this summer. By the way, I love your menu always have such good, healthy ideas.

Keri said...

I love seeing what your making! It helps to make my menu for the week too!

Carrie Hazar said...

Yes! Keep up with the menu mondays! I can always use help with meal planning:)

Ashley's "Random Ruminations" said...

I came across your blog through your sister blog- I really get inspired by your menu Mondays! If you can, I'd love to have you keep posting.

Brittany said...

Oh I am laughing so much at that picture and your whole dilemna now! :) NOw that I'm a mom too I think you were completely right not to want your boys to play with guns. Gabe doesn't have any yet but when he plays with someone elses and he is pointing and shooting and laughing... it's a little disturbing!! But I agree that after awhile they slowly infiltrate, starting with water guns probably! I like those kinds of gun toys - they are really fun! So oh well, I know your boys are not violent at all and never will be - you have done a great job teaching them to be kind and loving. Anyway, LOVE the pic of Conman and TJ with their friends - they look so grown up!! And btw, I love the Monday recipe list. If you are doing it anyway, you should for sure post it! It gives me great ideas! :)

Laura said...

I had the same idea, then one day when Noah was little he bit his toast into the shape of a gun & started shooting it! I think it is in their DNA! /yes- on Menu pressure!

stephanie said...

Isn't it funny how we evolve as parents. We continue to learn and grow, try and fail or try and succeed, just like our kids. I'm smiling at your post and the pic. Great boys. It's always fun to know what you are planning to fix for meals, but whatever is easiest for you---I won't hold you to anything!

tarryn said...

I love reading your menus! Cute kids, by the way.

Mindy said...

That is so funny! I had forgotten your anti-toy-gun days. Your boys look very tough in that picture. I am looking at this picture with Jack, and I said "TJ and Connor" while pointing out his cousins. Now he is repeating babble in my same tone over and over and smiling at his cousins. :) And yes, I thought menu mondays were super fun. Love you, sis!

Erin said...

That is so funny - I have a friend who has brought this up to me before - her boys are just MADE for loving superheros and their weapons. Boys are just made that way we both decided. ;) Love you sis!

Jan S said...

I had the best laugh over that picture and your commentary. We all start out with such high standards, ha-ha! Regardless of what you didm they were all simply doomed by a gun toting genetic pool! Ha-ha! XO Mom

krista said...

i came to the realization too, that boys will be boys. i tried to do the no gun thing too, but it didn't work for long. and how nice of you to provide treats after, you should win mom of the year award!

and yes, jake is still with shaw. thankfully. he's hard surface in boise. i love your blue lily photos (i'm assuming that's who took them), you have a very cute family! i hope your house is as crazy as mine. i never knew boys were as crazy as they are.....and LOUD!

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