Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome March

Spring has Sprung in our house!

Bridger and I spent the morning putting out little birds, tulips, bunnies and pastel eggs while our sick little Cannon layed on the couch watching Dora and sipping apple juice
{poor baby}.
I am really hoping he is the last one to get this yucky cold!
I am so done with winter and being cooped up.
I am ready for fresh air, sunny days and playing outside!

Bridger especially likes these blue eggs. Now he keeps asking when the Easter Bunny is coming. I may have jumped the gun on these Easter decorations, huh?

I am enjoying these new birdy pillow covers I recently purchased.

As I hung this happy bouquet of tulips on my door, I almost slipped on...

my snow covered steps!

Evidently Spring has not Sprung outside yet!
Typical March weather!

Well, I better go get ready for my boys to be home. I am shocked that they even had school today! As you know it has been our experience, that they cancel schools here in the South at the first sight (or even prediction) of a snowflake.

It is really coming down now, so I am sure I will get the call any minute!

Happy Spring everybody:)

Post Script:

Yes I just got the call that School is being dismissed at 11am today due to the SNOW. The boys will be so excited! Upon hearing the news, Bridger was cheering and jumping up and down pumping his fists in the air!

He loves having 'the brothers' home!


stephanie said...

It most be so funny coming from the Wasatch front in Utah and then having school canceled so easily. Happy Spring, though. Love the decor! The eggs, tulips and pillows are beautiful. (Where's the leprechauns or clovers, though?)

Dave and Kabree said...

Hey Melanie! It was good to hear from you. We can't believe how big your boys are getting! CRAZY! (the last time I saw you, you were still pregnant with Cannon) And we didn't know you live in TN now! That's awesome. It sounds like you are a busy Mom, and I love all your cute ideas and decorations. They remind me of my mom's at home :) So cute! Hope you don't mind if we peek at your blog every now and then!

Mindy said...

Your house looks darling! How do you stay on top of everything! It is 10am here, and all I have done is shower (but still in robe with no make-up on), bath Jack, do laundry (Jack had a blowout all over his mattress and PJs), and breakfast. It is about the same time there... and I don't even want to compare anymore. :) Can't wait for you to come, sis!

Erin said...

I love all your decorations!! I really need to get my Easter decorations up. If I don't do it now, I'm afraid it won't get done at all! Your decor is so pretty. Funny that you almost slipped on snow as you are putting up your tulip bouquet. ;)

Brittany said...

I loved that post. A little glimpse into everyday life at your house! The decorations are so cute. I don't have any for spring!! I need to go shopping! :) Too bad we can't go together though. That is hilarious about school being canceled yet again. Are they going to have to spend their whole summer in school doing catch up days??!!

Valerie said...

How gorgeous everything is! I especially love the pillows. I seem to be really into birds lately.

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