Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Monday

As you know I am always reading books on nutrition and the best diet for health and vitality. Recently, I have enjoyed the books 'The China Study', 'In Defense of Food: an Eaters Manifesto', and The Original Fast Foods. Everything I have read completely supports my belief in the Word of Wisdom. I am convinced that for me I need to commit to a more plant based diet and seriously limit animal based products and processed foods. I have learned from my reading over the years, that thousands of studies have demonstrated that exceeding the body's need for protein with animal-based sources turns-on or initiates the disease processes, as does processed foods. I think everybody has different protein needs, and you have to figure out what is right for you. I want to see how I feel with completely cutting out all processed food and limiting animal products of any kind to 10% or less of my diet.

I have felt a tugging on my heart for a long time to commit to this type of diet for myself. Call me crazy, but I have decided for the next 6 weeks to finally COMPLETELY commit. My children will get healthy meals--but I am not going to be as strict with them. I am not buying junk, and I will use all whole grain, whole food in our meals and snacks! I have talked with my family about what a healthy diet does for our body and why I want to do this experiment. It is my hope that we all notice how good we feel when we eat this way, but I will never force it.

So, I am going to be trying new ultra healthy recipes out on my family. I am putting all the good ones in a binder and discarding the not-so-hot ones. Wish me luck--I will need it:)
Most of this weeks recipes come from the book 'Original Fast Foods'

Monday--Coconut Rice (black beans, carrots, onions, brown rice--cooked in coconut milk) Served over spinach, fresh pineapple
* fresh strawberries and vanilla bean icecream for FHE treat

Tuesday--Vegetarian Chili, served over baked potato (with cheese for the boys), Blackberries

Wednesday-- Butternut Soup, Whole Wheat Rolls, apple slices

Thursday--Curry Veggie Medley, Oriental Salad with Peanut Dressing, Cantaloupe

Friday--Date night--pizza for boys

Saturday--Taco Soup (vegetarian), Potato Salad, grapes

Sunday--Chicken Parmesan, angel hair pasta, spinach salad, french bread, Chocolate cake**We are having Coleman's school teacher and her husband to dinner**


stephanie said...

That is my all time favorite salad pictured. I have vegetarian meals, but instead of only once or twice a week, I'll trying to make them more frequent---or at least make sure that the protein ratio is low.

Laura said...

Yummy! Good for you. I could easily eat like this, but I have majorly screwed up when it comes to my kids & food. They are all ultra picky. If I did this, they'd starve, but I know it would be so much better for us all in the long run. Len is obsessed with protein & I hate it! He's over the top. Thanks for the good tips & book references. I'm going to try to move in that direction too. Good luck :)

Melanie said...

Melanie - I admire you for making this push to eat healthier, especially because you already have some fantastic healthy habits. I'm also finding myself wanting to make more changes than I already have to push us toward healthier eating/living. My main hang up for a long time was that I didn't want to be "strange." You know, I didn't want people to snicker behind their hands and say, "that Melanie is a weirdo when it comes to eating." But I've decided that doesn't matter anymore. Especially because I live in such an uneducated place and already people in the church and neighborhood know that we don't heat things with High Fructose Corn Syrup and many canned goods. The other day, Walker who is 4, said someone asked him at church if he wanted a fruit roll up and he said, "Nope. That has high fructose corn syrup in it and isn't healthy. I'll have pretzels." I was so proud of him and decided that I can inspire my kids to make healthier decisions. I'm reading a book by Jillian MIchaels right now that is absolutely fascinating and has me on the precipice of making some major changes. Anyway, thanks for inspiring me further!

Heather said...

I clicked on over from Sister's Cafe, which I love, btw. I've been trying to do this with my family too and have been pleased with the results. Thanks for posting your meal ideas. I'm always in need of new ones.

Brittany said...

What a wonderful post Mel. It is very ironic because just this morning I was telling my friend Raelynn your views on healthy eating, etc. I love your commitment to your family's health. Good luck and good job!! (The menu looks very yummy too!!)

kristi lee said...

Love it! We're nearly there too. We only do animal proteins 1-2 days a week (well, minus cheese!!) Keep the recipes rollin! Oh, and feel free to shove veggies in Kooper's face at preschool. He'll eat about anything.

Mindy said...

Good for you, Melanie! I hope it goes well.

Mindy said...

Hopefully not too many readers from The Sisters' Cafe look at your blog today. Apparently I did not choose the best day to post my ultra nonhealthy recipe. :) Everyone is going to look at our picture on the blog of me 9 months pregnant, look at my recipes, and then they will think, "Yes, Mindy does look like she cooks differently than the rest. I'll bet she is downright obese in the next picture" haha

Cool Uncle Matt said...

Hey Sis! I just spent the last 20 minutes catching up on your blogs! I'm so impressed with you Mel. 5 boys and you somehow find the time to blog, make a beautiful home, and even cook healthy. I loved the fishing entry! Tell the boys that looks like fun and I want them to show me how they do it when we come visit. I love you Mel. Miss you guys a lot. We had my birthday dinner tonight and it was just mom and dad and mindy and griff. It will be really good for all of us when you, Brittany and Erin get into town this summer. Love you sis!

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