Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Menu Monday

Well, I can report that our whole foods, healthy diet is going well, but I will say that last weeks recipes were not the best. I think that the Original Fast Foods book is a good read, but the recipes are a little too extreme for our taste! Actually I liked some of the recipes, but my boys were not too impressed.

This week I am trying some new vegetarian recipes but also adding some proven winners to our menu!

Monday--Sunday leftovers, cantaloupe, broccoli, Real fruit popsicles for FHE treat
Tuesday--Green Curry (with potato instead of chicken), brown basmati rice, Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Cauliflower, fresh pineapple
Wednesday--ST PATTY's--Chicken pot pies, colcannon, scones, honey cashew green beans, sugar cookies with green sprinkles
Thursday--Date night with Brad--boys get PB&J, fruit
Friday--Roasted Butternut Squash soup, whole wheat baguettes with roasted garlic and shaved parmesan, grapes, spinach salad
Saturday--Black Bean Tostados, Avocado and Mango salsa, apple wedges
Sunday--Spinach lasagna, whole wheat french bread, Caesar salad, blackberries
**the green words are links to my recipe blog, sisterscafe


Cory & Jaimee said...

I just wanted to say how happy I am that you post your menu for the week on Mondays, and that it is vegetarian! I feel like we have so much in common, I have three small boys and have recently made the decision for our family to be meat free. I really loved your post last week because I have read some of those same books and echo your same feeling about the word of wisdom. I am grateful to have found your blog, it gives me comfort to know that someone else feels the same way about food that I do! So thank you!!

Brittany said...

sounds delicious! I don't know how you make vegetarian meals sound so good! :) I like eating less meat though too -it makes me feel healthy. I'm excited about St Patricks Day dinner tonight - yum! We are having the same things except pork roast instead of pot pies and green rice crispy treats instead of sugar cookies!(they're easier!) FUN!!

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