Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break Sunshine

We joined the throngs of squelling children at the fountains of Coolidge Park in downtown Chattanooga. It was a perfect day for getting wet. It was HOT!! Seiously...I was wishing I had worn a swimsuit too. I was very tempted to join the boys in the water!

Cannon was more interested in these water spouting statues that encircled the fountains. Connor was a gem of a big brother and helped him climb up and "ride" each one.

I ordered some japanese food for us to enjoy from Sushi Nabi--a cool restraunt right close to this park. I thought it would be a fun & cultural experience. Not so much...other than the plain terriyaki chicken over white rice dish, I was the only one enjoying the lunch! Next time I guess I will stick with a good ole' favorite like pepperoni pizza.

After we dried off we all had a go on a huge old fashioned Carousel.

The boys loved it! An for a buck a ride, I did too:)

Overall it was a successful little Spring Break adventure!
Good times in the warm sun of the South!
We are not used to having such warmth and sunshine in April. Last year the boys were shoveling snow during Spring Break in Utah!


Amy said...

Oh how fun! This post is making me so anxious for summertime! Or maybe we should just pack up and head to your Tennessee home for a vacation because it won't stop snowing in Utah.

kaleyq said...

Yes, we don't have that kind of weather for spring break here. We have to go south for that kind of sun! Glad you had a wonderful break. Can't wait to see you!

Brittany said...

oh wow - seeing all these pictures of your boys is making me so "homesick" for them! They are all so handsome and cute!(I use both words so no one gets offended - haha!) What a fun day you guys had - that fountain looked like a blast! I wish Gabe and I could have come. He would have loved the fountain too and I would have loved to be with my sis and enjoy japanese food! :)

Mindy said...

Wow! that looks so fun! You'll have to take us there when we finally get to visit you. :) I love Coleman's outfit, btw. Although they all look totally cute. I can't believe how behind I was on your blog!

Jan S said...

It looked like you were all having such a good time. Thanks for posting these things so that we continue to see what you are doing even though you are far away. The weather looked SOOOOOOOO nice! I am ready for spring but the forecast this Thursday is for "snow on the benches" . . . can you believe that! XOXO Mom

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