Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baseball Games and Everday LIfe

Brad and I took Coleman and Bridger to the Atlanta Braves game at the very cool Turner Stadium last week. Once again Brad got these awesome tickets at work--remember last time? It was perfect since the older boys had just come home from their big ski trip. This gave us an adventure and excitement for Coleman and Bridger.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner in the 755 Club with an awesome view of the game.

The boys got their faces painted and threw some balls to have their speed measured. It was so cute! Coleman was very serious about it. He had just watched the movie 'Rookie' He would dig his toe in...stand up straight, raise his knee and then let 'er fly with all the strength he could muster! I think he registered around 35 miles an hour.
We enjoyed lots of treats, everytime a vendor walked by they had my boys FULL attention:)

Coleman brought his mit and a ball. He was hoping to catch a foul ball:)

Bridger was just wide eyed taking it all in!
We had such a wonderful time with these boys that night.
I am so grateful that we could take them on this exciting outing, but it occured to me that it doesn't really matter where you go or what you do.
It is really just doing something TOGETHER with our children that really matters.
Even though we did have a wonderful time at the bigtime Braves game, I realized that Bridger talks more about the hide-and-seek game he played with a "barking Daddy" (so he could find him). And Coleman goes on and on about finding an old grown over cemetery on a walk with Dad that turned into a grand adventure in his mind. Those little moments didn't require any money spent or long drives to exciting venues. It was just plain old quality time with a loving parent that mattered the most. I have committed to myself to take more opportunites EVERY day to create those connections and memories with my boys out of plain old everyday life.


Natalie Jane said...

You're the best mom to those boys :)

Kim D said...

I just found your blog, love the photos, and love this post about your day at the ballpark! Looks like you guys had a great time & your seats were AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Mindy said...

What a wonderful post! I smiled reading the whole thing and got a lump in my throat at those last two pictures of Coleman and Bridger. You have such a cute family. I loved hearing about Coleman winding up and throwing 35 mph. And wow! Awesome seats! I agree that quality time is what is important.

Brittany said...

what a sweet post Mel. it's true that kids don't need fancy expensive outings (that we love, haha!)...they just love to be with their parents and have their attention. Still,that Braves game looked like a blast! Maybe we can go to one when we come visit! Coleman and Bridge looked so cute and looked like they had a great time. I love your descriptions of them - it makes me feel like I'm there. Love you all!!

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