Friday, May 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

My trip to Utah was WONDERFUL, seriously perfect...but it so good to be home.
I missed these boys of mine.
Here are my little side kicks while the big boys are in school all day-

Brother kisses

My days have been full (too full for blogging). Things needed my attention,
like a mountain of laundry...

Flower pots to fill

And last but most exciting,
a darling little almost three year old to potty train! I am so close to be DONE with diapers! Wooo hooo! This little jar of candy is a reminder that Cannon and who ever helps him go potty is sweetly rewarded. Everyone is involved. I think the treats are more for my other boys--Cannon just loves all the attention! He so enjoys his big brothers offering to take him to the bathroom all the time. The he eats up all the cheering and clapping for him! His little face is just beaming with happiness. He is so loved. It is such a treat for me to watch! It makes up for all the little whoopsies I am cleaning up!

Next week I am back on track for Menu Monday!!

And more on my time in Utah with family and friends--I love you and miss you all so much!!



wilkinson_fam said...

I am a BIG follower of your both your blogs (personal and sisters cafe) and just have to say what an amazing mother you are. Seriously. You inspire me.

I have to say that you "mountain of laundry" is hardly mountainous at all! Heck! I haven't been out of town and I have 4-5 loads to do! How DO you stay on top of it all?

wilkinson_fam said...

That is YOUR mountain of laundry . . . Really. I should spell check ;0)

Melanie Anne said...

Miss Wilkinson,
What a cute profile picture! I don't know if you will see this buy thank you for your sweet comment!! And serisouly that is a very small portion of the laundry--but who wants to take a picture of the mountain:) And trust me I am not always on top of it at all--but I try not to dwell (or blog) on those kind of days, ya know?!! They are better forgotten! Have a happy weekend!!

Mindy said...

It was so fun to have you visit! I can't wait to see the rest of your family in the summer. And CONGRATS CANNON on using the potty!

Brittany said...

Your boys are so sweet. Hearing about how much they love and support Cannon makes me feel so happy! I'm sure the candy was a bonus, not the motivation! :) I have always been SO impressed with how loving and kind your boys are to their little brothers and cousins. I can't believe Cannon is potty trained - yay!!!!!

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