Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Enjoying every last drop of summer

(Coleman all ready to go in a 4th of July kids bike parade)

I can hardly believe that my boys go back to school in just over a week. It makes me want to squeeze every last drop of summertime fun out of our last few days. After reviewing our "bucket list" we wrote on the first day of summer(here) and talking we have come up with a plan to check off our last few remaining activities and added a couple more for good measure:)

*Have a kick the can party and make smores
*Make another batch of homemade lemonade and enjoy an icy glass
*Star gaze on a big quilt
*Enjoy an evening of catching (and releasing) magical fireflies
*Make and freeze batches of cookies and muffins for lunches and quick breakfasts when school starts
*Have a watermelon bust--including a seed spitting contest (its a boy thing)
*Swim everyday and eat lots of popsicles--it is hot here!!

Happy last days of summer! What are your plans to squeeze the last drops of fun out of summer?

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Mindy said...

Cute pictures! It sounds like you guys have a few more fun days planned. Wish I were there to enjoy it with you! We are busy having fun here with Erin and Baba. I've got some serious posting to do to show off all the fun. We still have a night up the canyon riding horses and eating giant marshmallows over the fire, hiking Timpanogas Cave, Lake Powell, camp trips to Blackhawk and the Uintas, and a trip to Vietnam for Griff. :) I would love to squeeze in some serious pool time, too!

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