Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home made Strawberry Jam and FREE printable labels

In the morning I am making a triple batch of this :

Using my favorite, LOW sugar, no cook, super easy and seriously DELISH "recipe":

Then I am printing off these darling FREE labels:

To make a strawberry version of this for the ladies I visit teach and my sweet neighbor who watered my flower pots for me while I was off in Utah.

(image via how about orange blog)
To get the labels click here.

Thank you so much Ms Jessica at How about Orange...


Amanda Bourne said...

This is really cute - I am going to make this for my Visiting teachers too. Thanks for the great idea.

Amanda Bourne

Jan S said...

Melanie, I love the way these jars looks. HOw cute, and everyone loves homemade strawberry jam. I drove by your house last week, and the apricot tree was loaded. I could hardly stop myself from stopping and pilfering a bucket to make your apricot syrup. I LOVE THAT STUFF!

Jan S said...

The label CHERRY CHUTNEY made me wonder how to make that. Do you have a recipe. Cherries were 88 cents a pound a few weeks ago . . . wish I would have taken advantage of that great deal and made some yummy stuff.

Mindy said...

That is so cute! I'm glad you got me started on that recipe. It is SO good.

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