Monday, November 29, 2010

The First Christmas Tradition

Every year we have a "Christmas Tree Decorating Party"
It is a tradition from my childhood. My Mom always made lots of delicious appetizers to enjoy while we decorated our tree. I LOVED it!
So now I carry on the tradition with little boy friendly spread. On the menu: lil Smokies, Doritos, Potstickers, Cheese and Crackers, Carrots and Ranch and various Candies:)

The boys watched a little football, while Brad wrestled with the tree.

Then we unpacked all our ornaments and spread them all out with everyone getting excited about their favorites and memories of Christmases past. We have a special ornament for each year since Brad and I were married. A lot of them are from our yearly vacations. We lined them up in order from 1996 to the new 2010 (a beautifully decorated sand dollar we bought in Hilton Head this year) before we put them on the tree.

Cannon loves the Minnie and Mickey Mouse from 2006 when we took our boys to Disney World, even though he wasn't even born yet:)

Bridger loves the snowmen from Grandma one year. She always has a family Christmas party and everyone gets a new ornament. Thanks Mom:)
I just let the boys go for it, and try not to give into my tendency to make the decor balanced:)

Then we watch the movie "Elf" (a family favorite) and the best part...spending the night all snuggled together under the glowing Christmas tree!

It was so fun to see all five of my darling boys sound asleep together making sweet Christmas memories!


Laura said...

Fun! I think of you everytime I put up our tree & see that same snowman ornament that Bridger's holding! It's soooooo cute :) Remember the pretzel one you gave me in HS too?! It's fun to think about friends when we put up our tree :)

Brittany said...

I love it Mel!! I am doing the same tradition too...I loved it growing up! This year I didn't do the apps because last minute I remembered the missionaries were coming over for dinner and I didn't want to feed them appetizers only! :) Maybe when our kids are a little older we will do the sleeping under the tree together..that sounds so fun and special! yOu and Brad have created such a fun and close family!

Mindy said...

I love that you carry on our appetizer Christmas tree party! I wanted to do that this year, but we ended up putting it together after mom made us a big turkey dinner for my birthday. Next year for sure. I love your added tradition of sleeping under the tree in sleeping bags. So fun!

stephanie said...

I love reading your blogs. I adore the sleeping under the tree tradition. I will need to have my kids do that. I think of you often. Hopefully I will get posting again on my blog soon.

Miranda said...

I just wandered onto you rblog and I just had to comment! What a fun tradition and wonderful pictures. It makes me smile just thinking about how much fun your boys are having. Just think, they'll probably be carrying on this same tradition with their families one day :o)

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

Wow, Melanie! I love love love this! Those boys are so blessed to have such a fun mom and dad. :) you guys have such happy family activities. What a good example you are to me.

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