Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Menu Monday...a little late

Doesn't this look like a wonderful spot for a dinner party? Beautiful!

I am trying to plan my menus two weeks in advance now. Just looking for ways to save time--especially this month! I think it will be nice to plan just twice a month. I have included links to all the recipes on Sisters Cafe for you. And the recipes that are not listed will be coming soon if they turn out to be delicous!
So here we go...

This Week
Monday: leftovers from the weekend
Tuesday: Hootanany Pancakes, green smoothies
Wednesday: Pesto Chicken Sandwich with red bell pepper and spinach, apple wedges, chips
Thursday: Rumbi Island Easy Chicken Mango and Coconut Rice, Roasted Asparagus grapes, Picnic Cake
Friday: Pizza, carrots and dip, green salad with buttermilk dressing
Saturday: Date night--cheese crisp and green smoothies for boys
Sunday: Favorite Pork Roast, spinach salad with bleu cheese and pomegranate, Roasted Red Potatoes, rolls from freezer

Next Week

Monday: Sweet and Spicy Chicken, chips, tortillas, re fried beans, green salad with lime cilantro dressing
Tuesday: Winter Vegetable Soup with Popovers, apples and grapes
Wednesday: Thai Peanut Chicken, fresh pineapple, roasted broccoli
Thursday: Gingerbread Waffles, poached eggs, green smoothies
Friday: Date night for TJ and I (the nutcracker:)--noodle soup or nachos for Dad and boys
Saturday: Homemade Calzones, greens, carrots and dip
Sunday: BBQ (shredded beef in crockpot) on rolls, calico beans, baked potatoes and green salad with buttermilk dressing

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