Saturday, December 4, 2010

Slice of the South...more HIlton Head :)

I was going thru my pictures and came across this wonderful day of bike riding in Hilton Head that I never posted. I have to say that I really love the South...even the beaches here are dreamy. I am a bit homesick lately for Utah and my family, so it is good thing for me to think about the beauty around of the South. I really do love it here, I just wish I had some family around. Am I convincing any of you to join me out here in the South yet??

The entrance to the public beach....pretty huh? On each side were big porch swings and wooden adirondack chairs just begging to be enjoyed. I loved it.

Bridger loved this tandem bike with his Daddy! Although most of the time he would forget to pedal and was just along for the ride.

Cannon loved his little seat on the back of my bike.
He was so fun to have right there all day. I could hear his cute little chatter about everything we passed. Going one direction on the beach was bliss, but when we turned around and were going against the wind...phew that was kind of hard. My legs were burning at one point and I remember Cannon telling me that he was tired!
I was thinking really--lets trade places:)!



After a long ride on the beach we cruised around the island and Brad treated us to a cool drink and pastry at a coffee shop.
I loved the big trees drenched in spanish moss.

There were some crazy trees.
I wished my Dad was there to tell me what they all were. He knows that kind of stuff!


This was a seriously beautiful place.

I can't wait to go back!


kaleyq said...

Oh this looks SO inviting right now as it is freezing outside here! We may have to add this to our 'places-to-visit-someday' list. It was so fun to talk with you the other day. We sure miss you!

Brittany said...

what gorgeous pictures! I wish I could join you there the next time you guys go! What a fun vacation - the bike ride sounded so neat. I sure miss you too Mel...I can't wait to see you again... but when??! Hopefully not too far in the future! Love you!

Mindy said...

Hilton Head looks AMAZING! I especially love that tree all your boys are in. What a perfect climbing tree for a family of boys! The ride on the beach looked amazing, too. I'm glad you guys are exploring and loving your new home. We can't wait to come visit you!

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