Monday, December 6, 2010

At my house...

two sick boys watching Stuart Little with popcorn on Mom and Dad's bed.

Connor, and Cannon are really sick with fevers, coughing, miserable body aches etc. Bridger isn't 100 % either, but I think he was mostly just along for the ride:) At one point today, I had cartoons on in my room for the younger set and football movies out in the family room for my teenager.
Today Connor and I talked, I snuggled my littlest men, dispensed Tylenol, made hot cocoa and peppermint tea, prepared little trays of comforting food, read Christmas stories and watched movies. It was kind of fun to slow down and nurture my little sickies, but it wasn't fun to find the time to clean all the bathrooms. Every Monday I have on my To Do list clean bathrooms. Not my favorite job! I just barely finished the last one after 9:oo pm when everyone was tucked in. I would have let them go this week, but that is really not a good idea with 5 boys in the house, if you know what I mean!!
Next up an incredibly easy and very cute DIY Holiday pillow! I am so excited about this one:)
Hope your Monday was a happy one!


Janell said...

Let your boys know that I hope they start feeling better soon! Sounds like your boys got lots of TLC-better watch out, they might not get "better":) And I'm inspired that you checked the bathrooms of your list at 9 pm! You're the woman! I'm looking forward to the holiday pillow! Have a great day!

Mindy said...

Poor sick boys! I talked to you while you were cleaning your bathrooms after a long day. I'm glad that is behind you... I hope!?

Brittany said...

Oh what little cuties!! Every time I see a picture of the boys, my hearts aches with how much I miss them! I'm so sad they are sick.Luckily they have one great mom/nurse that knows just what is needed when you feel under the weather. :) Your list of things you have done with and for the boys was so cute. What a great MOm you are! Give them all a hug and kiss from me!

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