Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Boy in the Olympics

The Science Olympics, that is!
They did some kind of testing and Coleman was one of a few 3rd graders asked to be on the team, representing their school in the Science Olympics at Chattanooga State this year.  It was an honor, but as the weeks of practises wore on, he was not too sure it was his idea of a good time.  It is a BIG sacrifice in his 9 year old mind to give up playtime with his friends and stay after school twice a week for 2 long hours memorizing the constellations (including the Latin names), studying the lunar/ tide cycles and anything to do with the sky (his assigned area of focus--since they do not know beforehand exactly what knowledge will be required of them at the 'Olympics'). 
To be honest, there was quite a bit of grumbling about it lately, but I am so impressed that he continued to work diligently ...and it paid off! 
 To his great delight, he and his partner medaled in all 3 of their events!
 He was partnered with a 5th grader, which he found intimidating at first.  He worked extra hard to keep up and not let him down.  Here they are running up to receive their GOLD medal. 
 They were so excited!
 Look at those smiles! 
This shot makes me laugh--the team was required to wear their "future Mad scientist' shirts, and I tried to get Coleman to wear some nicer pants or shorts with it, but he insisted on wearing his lucky blue under armour shirt, gym shorts and those "cool"Nike black socks.  He thinks that is the epitome of style right now!

The room was packed with kids, with 15 schools represented.  Unlike the real Olympics they awarded the top 8 of the 15 teams for each event a medal.  It was fun to hear the happy cheers from all the schools and see the teams run up for their medals! 

Coleman and his partner Colt.  They wrestle on our High School Youth team together too. 

Coleman's school principal--Mr H.came to support the team!

They were just bursting with happiness to get those medals--representing hours of hard work:)
What a great experience this ended up being.  Coleman really had a good time and with those medals around his neck, I think he was very happy to be a part of the Science Olympics:)  It is funny what a trophy or medal means at this age--very exciting stuff, let me tell you!

It was a treat to witness my sports lovin' boy enjoy a non athletic event so much. Don't get me wrong I LOVE watching my boys play sports but I LOVED that this time he was exercising his brain! I am hopeful that this experience helped build within him a love of science, learning and hard academic work!
 I could not be more grateful to all the people who dedicated so much time and energy to put this on, especially the teachers at his school who were so encouraging. 
What a confidence builder for the children involved--such a sweet day!


Anonymous said...

Coaly!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you! Wow! That must have been a lot of effort on your part. . . and consiquently a great experience for you! Way to go, son.

.....big as the sky.


Jan S said...

CONGRATULATIONS COLEY!! Wow, great job. I loved seeing all the pictures - dang, I wish we could have been there. (I loved the FMS shirts!)

I love you bigger than Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto (wait, I think that one got demoted????) :)

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