Friday, January 18, 2013

Its FRIDAY and the sun is out!

So very glad to see the the sun even if it is pretty much freezing outside:)
The boys ended up having a half day yesterday and a 2 hour delay today due to "dangerous weather conditions".  We didn't have any snow that actually stuck, but there was a possibility of ice on the roads.  We laugh about how scared they are around here about any kind of snow or ice, but we are not complaining.  These snow days are GREAT!

A little Xbox time during the week--what a treat:)

Last night Brad got home after a week of traveling and we all enjoyed a cozy night at home with chili and warm cinnanom rolls.  Mmmmm...

Want the recipe to my all time FAVORITE cinnamon rolls?
Go here.  YUM!

Weekend Plans:
*Figure out how to make that darling burlap heart pillow pictured up top--shouldn't be too hard, right?

*Wrestling tournament for Coleman

*Basketball game for TJ

*Teaching my sweet Young Women at church a lesson "How can I know my Heavenly Father"--using this

 and this great talk in my lesson. 

*Get pictures for the family album caught up--I am 3 months behind!

*Get a library card (since I live in the county--I have to pay for it and I have never done it--but I think it is time!) and take my boys to pick out books.  I am finding that they would rather play electronics than pick up a book.  I am going to work on getting them excited to read. I really need too come up with some fun incentives to get them going.  Any ideas??

Happy Weekend


Susan said...

Hi!! Your boys are into sports right? Have you ever had them read any of the books by Mike Lupica? They are really good! Also, if they are into baseball, there is a great series of books by Dan Gutman - they are stories about a young boy who travels back in time and gets to meet historical baseball legends - like Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, etc. They are titled "Honus and Me, Babe Ruth and me etc. My boys loved all of these books!

Rachel said...

Good luck with the books! My two boys are tough. We love the Mike Lupica books. Good for the 10 - 13 years old. The new look on the blog is darling!

Melanie Anne said...

Susan and Rachel,
THANK YOU so much for the tip on the Mike Lupica books. That is a GREAT place to start!! And I will definetly check out the Dan Gutman books too.

Dara said...

We love Percy Jackson . There are five books in the series. The book is very different from the movie. I read the entire series to my nine year old. Since I read to him he has reread them.

Melanie Anne said...

Dara--I keep hearing about Percy jackson--I am going to pick up the first one for sure. We haven't seen the movie yet anyway:) THANK YOU!!

FALLON said...

What is your usual routine for keeping family albums caught up? I don't even want to tell you how far behind I am! Do you always print your photos? How do you choose which to print? I take sooo many photos that it would cost an arm and a leg to print them all. When I do print I use shutterfly. Who do you use? I'm thinking about having photo books made through Shutterfly, but that's expensive too! I have them all saved as digital photos on the computer and then backed up on an external hard drive, but I really need / want to do more with them. Just curious what you do with yours...

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