Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Glimpse

We woke up to glorious sunshine Saturday morning.  YEAH!!
We just got this new front door and I love that it lets in more light--makes me happy:)

Soon we were off to cheer on TJ.
This boy LOVES basketball and it is so fun to watch him:)

It was a very low scoring game with TJ shooting a lot of free throws.
The final score was 18 - 15 .  We lost, darn it!  BUT our boy had 11 of the team points and made a serious 3 pointer (think Jimmer) in the last few minutes.  Pretty sweet!  He plays point guard and he has the best passes!  I love that he is quick to share the ball and find the open man.  

After the game we had a quick lunch and were off to the next sporting event...a wrestling tournament at East Ridge for Coleman.
After a LOT of waiting and some seriously tough matches he had SUCCESS!

He had a fabulous PIN and ended up with a medal for the first time!
Woo hoo--happy day!

Here is for you Papa:)--this is the second half of his best match!

Although these events are so long for a Momma to sit thru,  in a stinky sweat filled gym  (ugh)
 at the end of the day that happy face makes it all worth it!
Wrestling is a very tough sport but he LOVES it and so does Connor.  
I have a feeling I may be in for many many hours over the years spent in these gyms.
I am learning to love this sport, slowly but surely...but mostly I love watching my boys put their whole heart into something. Win or lose it makes me proud.

Although, I never did get to half the items on my To Do list, I must say it was a pretty great weekend anyway!
I sure do love being with my rough and tumble boys.

Today I am off to the library--THANK YOU SO MUCH for your book recommendations!
  You are the best!


Jan S said...

I loved that post. Way to go boys! I just wished that Papa and I were there so that we could come and see the boys compete - that would be awesome! Thanks for taking the pics and videos, though, so that we can keep up on what they are doing. Congrats on the medal, Coleman!

Jessica said...

Love your new door! I think the sport of wrestling is going to be a hard one for me to like as a mom. Coleman looked great in the video. Thanks for the mom sports talk the other day :)

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