Thursday, September 25, 2014

Food For Thought

This one has been up on the inspiration board for weeks--it's probably time for a new thought...but it is such a good one that I am giving it a few more days hoping it really sinks in!


Linda said...

So glad to see you back to the blog! I for one have missed your updates. Thanks for posting this one - I was looking for a new "post" for my slate board as well - I think I will just steal yours haha!

Debbie said...

hi there -- glad you are back!

I love your inspiration board -- where did you find it and what do you write on it with? it doesn't look like chalk?


Melanie Anne said...

Hi Debbie-thank you! - I got that little chalkboard on Etsy--it was made from wood from a 100 year old barn or something-- I was sucked in by that at the time�� but I think you could make one with a cool frame and use chalkboard paint on plywood. And I use chalk pens that I got at Micheals craft store

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