Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Autumn

*image here on Etsy

Hello friends!
Can you believe Autumn has arrived?!  I am so very excited!  I checked on one of my favorite Etsy shops the other day and saw this darling print.  That quote--spoke to my heart this year.  I have had an extremely busy summer with some big life changes and it has felt a little crazy.  Thus why I have gone missing around here, but I am ready to turn over a new leaf:)  I have big goals for this fall--most importantly to enjoy this season that I love, with all my heart.  I want to live with purpose each day, enjoy old family traditions and even start some new ones--like a weekend to explore the Smokey Mountains (we keep talking about doing that but haven't got around to it yet)

On my Fall To Do list far:)
Spend more time in my scriptures
Write in my journal more
 Bake pumpkin bread
Replace my frazzled summer blooms with mums in all my flower pots,
Take some family hike--maybe Fall Creek Falls?
Pick up some Leaves wall flowers from Bath and Body Works
Find a local orchard and pick some apples
Make applesauce and an Apple crisp--yum!!
Add soup to our dinner menus
Take the boys to the BYU vs Middle Tennessee game
Find a good book and cozy blanket--any suggestions??

What are your plans this fall?


Linda said...

It's so great to see you back and blogging again! I have sorely missed your posts and updates on your sweet family. Up here in Chicago we are having a week of sunshine in the high 70's so I feel like summer is just starting and now it's over haha! I love fall and the turning of the seasons. Welcome back!

Brittany said...

I love your blog and the traditions that you have with your family!! Thanks for sharing your great ideas! Happy fall! :)

Mindy said...

You have had a busy summer, especially the past month. I hope things are going well. I feel like Ihave hardly talked to you lately. I miss you! This fall, I am continuing my craziness. (: And I plan to do several of the things on your list in between homework, paid work, and laundry. love the list! and I love you!

Melanie Anne said...

Thanks Linda!! You are so sweet to still check in even though I haven't posted for so long!! xoxo

Melanie Anne said...

Brittany--Thanks so much:)

Mindy--it has beena busy summer! Lets catch up soon!! I miss you-- xoxo

Susan said...

SO GLAD to see you are back! I almost emailed you several times over the summer - I was worried about you/your kiddos - especially your little one with that darned heart issue! I pray that all if well and you are just busy with boys - like me!!!! Love the list!!!

Lynelle Gage said...

So good to hear from you again...I sent you a note a while back...I am in St. Louis and had my 6th boy 10 mos. ago (I do have one strong girl, too:). I just love this time of year too and am so excited for tonight!!! We might come down to that middle Tennessee game. Glad you are doing ok and hope you have a wonderful fall. Lynelle

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