Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello from the Rocky Mountains

My trip so far in pictures...
Yesterday I enjoyed a relaxing flight to Utah all by myself.  I had time to try and figure out my new Ipad.  Which, I have to admit--I can NOT figure out how to blog from it.  Any suggestions?  Can it be done?
I am finding it frustrating so far--learning curve, I guess:)
And much to my delight--I was picked up by these handsome guys!!  What adorable nephews, huh:)
My sisters and I picked up Cafe Rio (YUM!) and hurried home so I could snuggle my new nephew Gage.  Isn't he precious?  Can you believe all these boys in my family!  What is going on?!!
Then I was off to the beautiful Mount Timpanogas Temple--where I was able to spend a few hours--what a blessing!  I love to go to the temple!
It is a sacred place that fills me with inspiration, peace and happiness.
And aren't the tulips gorgeous?!
After the temple my sweet Daddy took me on a date--just the two of us!  We enjoyed a delicious dinner and fun conersation. I did not get a picture--darn it--but I sure had fun!  I miss him much!
My Mom is gone to Seatle to help my sister Brittany who just had a new baby.  I am really missing her--but so happy she can be with Britt right now.

In the morning--I was off to BYU Women's Conference with some very dear friends.
It was AWESOME so far ...
The opening session--sorry so blurry...but I am telling you it is thrilling to be there with thousands of women all united in our love of the gospel of Jesus Christ and our desire to serve in the Relief Society--a world wide women's organization 6 million strong, dedicated to faith, family and giving relief (service)!
The classes I attended were uplifting and inspiring--I will share more later...
and the concert tonight was FANTASTIC!
I am so excited for tomorrow.  If you live in Utah--come join me tomorrow!  It is well worth the effort!
Well, I am off to bed!
Happy Friday tomorrow--yeah!

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Erin said...

It sounds AWESOME! I wish I was there with you! I love the pic with all the women in the Marriott - it is stuffed full! Lucky you to get to be with all those sweet nephews. :)

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