Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Eve in PIctures

Our gifts were spilling into the family room:)

Getting the table ready with my sweet Mother in Law.

 We were privileged to have some very special guests to help us celebrate the birth of the Savior...our missionaries!
They added such a sweet spirit to our night.  I took lots of pictures and emailed them to both their Moms while we waited on Santa to come, knowing how much they must be missing their boys that night:) 

Having the missionaries over on Christmas Eve has become a tradition that we love!  These are young men who have dedicated 2 years to serve the Lord ...leaving their family and friends, paying for it themselves to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.  What better guests could we have on a night dedicated to Him?

 We always read the Christmas story from the Bible, sing carols together, and share some of our favorite Christmas stories. This year the missionaries had a surprise for us. They performed the most beautiful Christmas music on the piano.  It was AMAZING!!  These boys were talented!!
 Merry Christmas Eve!
 Silly boys!
We loved their duet so much they agreed to play it one more time before leaving::)  They even had silly actions while performing.  The boys LOVED it!
 Cookies for Santa...carrot for the reindeer:)
We are ready!
Here comes Santa Claus...

1 comment:

Erin said...

Oh, where to start?!! I absolutely love that picture of you and Beth at the table. I know I just said you were pretty in the last comment, but now I have to say that you are just gorgeous! Seriously. You're beautiful on the outside and glowing from the inside. I love you!
Your crystal goblets are so pretty on your beautifully prepared dinner table. Mom was talking to me about picking out crystal now that I am going to have Grandma's china set. I really hope they still make your goblets because that is EXACTLY what I want. They are so elegant.
I love that you had the missionaries join you. What a great tradition, and really sweet that you emailed their mothers some pictures. :)
i love you guys!

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