Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bridger's Heart Two Years Later

I can't believe that it was just two years ago this fall that I found myself sitting next to my little boy in the pediatric ICU hooked up to all kinds of machines and now I am cheering him on at the annual district cross county event for his school where he finished 26th out of over 200 kids!  
  ( I posted about his heart problems  here, herehere  here  and here....)

This little boy has a lot of heart and he has come a long way in the last 24 months!
His heart function has improved so much that his cardiologist approved him to run as much as he wants!
What a blessing!

Look at all those boys all ready for the race to start!  I couldn't even get the whole line in my shot.  There were well over 200 3rd graders!  CRAZY!

Close to the finish line--he is giving it all that he has!  Look at the little face!  He was part of the first group!!  I was so impressed!

They give individual shout out and a ribbon to the first 40 boys.

What a special day! 
He was so excited to have qualified for this event, just like his big brothers Connor, TJ and Coleman did.

 I couldn't help but think back on his heart issues during the last 2 years and feel so incredibly thankful for the miracle of modern medicine, for the knowledge and skills of Dr Frank Fish, and for all the prayers for Bridger from so many of you!  THANK YOU!!

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Jan S said...

Way to go Bridger! Boy, you have come a long way since you had all the heart trouble. I am so proud of you. Love those pictures.

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